True Stories Told in the Key of E-flat

Welcome to ErinWaughWorld where I will say too many words  about cats, yoga, dogs, and assholes.

Below are a selection of True Stories Told in the Key of E-flat.


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I Learn a Lot about People in Parking Lots”  6 June 2014

Rescuing the Busters[reprint from 14 December 2010]

Love Smells Like Crayons[reprint from 14 July 2009]

Marching Band Fish – Gorp, Part 1[reprint from 4 December 2011]

Marching Band Fish – Gorp, Part 2[reprint from 15 February 2012]

The Chemistry of Rabbit Season” 28 August 2014

A Christmas Post (Office)” 14 December 2014

Disney World and the Magic Bag” 23 December 2014

The Sheriff and the Window Sticker” 18 January 2015

“The Boob Nurse” 5 March 2015

“Little Cat B (the Tale of the Engine Light)” 20 March 2015

A Kid in a Candy Store” 19 September 2015

The Woman and Her Husband at the Carwash” 18 October 2015

“The Hand That Bites You” 25 March 2016

“A Starfish in Benton Harbor” 19 March 2017

“Wild (Wild! Life!) Aquarium” 4 April 2017

To Xfinity and Beyond” 4 May 2018

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  1. Erin, you are a brilliant writer, and it is with gleeful anticipation I await each new episode! The illustrations beautifully enhance your writing. Now please go make a gazillion dollars with this!

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